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Notification of sales or forms

Question: Is there a way where when a “sale” is made… the data for that record is forwarded via email to a designated email? I’d like to “collect” information on records where the call was successful. Also is there a template where information can be entered by the agent on the script? or any forms at all that can be forwarded to a designated email?

There are couple of ways you can do that in our platform. Here are just a few suggestions.

Use Voicent CRM to track your sales

CRM is designed for tracking sales from lead stages all the way to the closed sales stage. If you simply want to record all the sales made during the phone call, ask your agent to create a potential by clicking the plus sign in the popup screen.

Please also note you can customize the popup Potential screen by go to the main menu, Setup, Potential, Default Value.

The advantage of this approach is that you can easily search any closed sales, generate sales reports, and avoid manual emailing process.

But if you do need to keep track of the sales in your email or other system (like your accounting system), then the next choice is our workflow system.

Use Voicent workflow

The workflow is an advanced business process automation system. It is an optional feature on the cloud platform. The basic usage is to use “triggers” to automate certain tasks. For example, when a contact is changed from any category to the “Customer” category, you can automatically trigger an email or a phone call. Actually you can do even more when an event is triggered. For example, you can also automatically send a survey email after 3 days of the purchase.

To set up workflow triggers, please go to Setup, Workflow, trigger.

Use Custom Button

(If you are not a developer, ignore this section.)

You can also use custom button in the screen pop to send HTTP post to a web form. The POST parameters will contain all the name value pairs of the contact record.

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