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Compare Cloud solution vs. on-premise solution

Voicent offers both a cloud solution and a on-premise software solution. The software for both solutions are exactly the same. So when should you choose the cloud and when should you choose the on-premise software? The followings are a few key criteria.

Are you calling US and Canada?

Voicent cloud service has a fully integrated phone service. However, it currently only calls US and Canadian phone numbers, or receive incoming calls on US and Canadian phone numbers. So if you have to call customers in other countries, then you have to choose the on-premise solution.

Please note your agent can be anywhere in the world to use our cloud solution, as long as you are calling people in the US and Canada. On our cloud platform, it is also becoming very popular for US businesses to use outsourced sales and support staff in India and Philippines.

Conclusion: If you are calling people in countries other than US and Canada, go for the on-premise solution.

Do you have IT Staff?

One major advantage of the cloud solution is it is really easy to set up. Actually, there is very little setup needed. The moment you sign up and select the needed account features, your call center is ready to go. The most you need to do is download the agent software for each agent, and get a computer headset for each agent.

The on-premise software requires some work to set it up. You would need a decent computer to run the main software. You would also need to connect every agent’s computer to the server. If you want to allow at home agent to work, the network setup could be complicated for none-technical staff. If you have to pay someone to set the software for you, this will make the on-premise software less attractive.

Conclusion: If you have no IT staff, go for the cloud solution.

Do you have a great phone service already?

If you already have a great phone service, especially if you have a large call volume, then choose the on-premise software solution. The software is installed on your own computer and can be configured to use your own telephone service.

The cloud solution has integrated phone service. It cannot use your own telephone service.

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