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How to evaluate a predictive dialer

If you are pretty new to call center technology and never used a predictive dialer before, this article is for you.

Our previous article Why predictive dialer is better addressed the topics about what is a predictive dialer and why you should use one. In this article, we show you step-by-step instructions on how to evaluate one.

Use Cloud or On-Premise Software?

Please see our previous article: Compare cloud solution vs on-premise solution.

Watch Online Demos

There are a lot of information on this website. If you are new to this technology, the best place to start is the Product Usage Help section. For predictive dialer demos, please see How to Start a Predictive Dialer Campaign.

Test with 30-day free trial on the cloud

Even you are not going to use the cloud service eventually, you can still use the cloud to test the service. You can sign up here.

The rest of this article shows steps to setup the on-premise software

Download and Install the trial software

Click here to download the free trial software. You would need a Windows computer with internet connections.

The trial software has no expiration date but has some limitations. The main one is that there are embedded test message for every phone call. So the trial version is not good to test with your customers. But it is perfectly fine for testing functionalities and call quality.

Configure the software to use your phone service

Voicent software supports almost all SIP trunks, VOIP services, and PBX systems (as long as they support SIP extensions). For more info, please see the section how do i set up Voicent software with my phone service?.

Buy it or lease it

You can simply purchase the products as a one-time payment or lease the software. For pricing info, please see Voicent online store.

Not all options and configurations are available for lease. For details, please see Voicent Lease

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