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How to Configure a Network for Remote Agents

Call Centers don’t always have their Agents inside of the same room, or building, as the server. This means that some Agents will have to connect to the Voicent App remotely, or in other words, from outside the server network. Whenever you have Agents connecting to the Voicent App remotely, it’s important to configure your network accordingly so that your Agents have secure access to the Voicent App. The following is a brief introduction on how to configure your network to allow secure access for your Agents.

Configuring your network consists of two main steps:

  • Granting Access to Voicent Software
  • Forwarding Ports used by Voicent Software

Each firewall program is different so please check its user guide for more information.

  1. Grant Access to Voicent Software

    Your firewall may be blocking Voicent software. In order to grant access, go to the Program Permissions section of your Firewall software. You can find the software under:

    C:\Program Files\Voicent\Gateway\bin or
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Voicent\Gateway\bin

    The following programs must have full access:

    • vgate.exe (gateway user interface and service)
    • vxengine.exe (telephony engine)
    • spengine.exe (speech engine)
    • adclient.exe (local agent)
  2. Open Ports that are used by Voicent Software

    The following is a short summary of the ports necessary to forward for our software to work correctly. Read this comprehensive Port Forwarding Guide for more information.

    • The standard gateway ports: 8155, 8165 (TCP)
    • Standard SIP port: 5060 (TCP/UDP) + LineNumber
    • SIP audio port: 9156 (UDP) + 2 x LineNumber

    For Remote Agents:

    • Gateway Remote Agent Port: 8455 + LineNumber (TCP + UDP)

    Where LineNumber is (0, 1, 2, 3, … , max licensed lines – 1). For example, the 2nd line uses 5061 and 9158.

  3. Check Your Network Connections

    When your computer has multiple network adapters, the returning message may not be able to find the correct connection address.

    1. Disable Wireless Connection
      • Most laptop computers have at least two network connections. One wireless and the other wired connections. For Voicent software, it is best to use a wired network connections. Not only will it have much better bandwidth, but it will also be more reliable.
      • Go to Windows control panel to disable wireless networks, make sure you can still connect to the Internet. Restart the gateway.
    2. Do not use Virtual Network
      • Virtual network connections, such as those used by VMware, may not work well. It is strongly recommended to use a dedicated computer for Voicent software, especially when you try to make a lot of simultaneous calls.

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