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How To Use Voicent Predictive Dialer

Voicent’s Predictive Dialer is a state-of-the-art dialer that connects live-answered calls to your agents so that you can increase agent productivity and spend more time with the customers that matter most. The predictive dialer uses two main technologies that you’ll need to become familiar with:

    VOIP – No need for physical phone lines anymore, with VOIP calls are made through an Internet connection. There are several VOIP providers out there, but for this article we’ll be using Callcentric.

    Remote Agent Dashboard – A desktop application that connects the Agent to the Call Center, and allows them to make and receive calls using a softphone application.

Now that you’ve learned the basics, lets start stepping through the process of running your first Predictive Dialer Campaign. If you haven’t done so already, go over to the downloads page and download the latest release of the Voicent software.

Running Your First Predictive Dialer Campaign

Here are the steps we’ll be taking to run your first Predictive Dialer campaign:

Signing Up For Callcentric

Signing up for Callcentric is a pain-free process. Simply head over to the Callcentric Website and then fill out the New Customer form. Once you’ve created your account, they will provide you with a set of user credentials that allows you to make calls through software like the Agent Dashboard.

Installing Voicent Software

Once you’ve acquired the Callcentric credentials listed above, you can install Voicent software. You’ll want to run the Phone Setup Wizard (under the Setup menu in the Voicent App), and select the VOIP provider option when the time comes (specify Callcentric when the system prompts you for your provider). This wizard will automatically configure Voicent software for usage with Callcentric.

Once you’ve entered the credentials into Voicent software, the Voicent App should start without any problems.

Creating call list

To create a call list, go to Contacts and select the Import option to import an existing call list file (CSV file format required). Once the file has been imported, you can go to Contacts, and you will be able to view your list. At this point, we can also select the imported list when we create our Predictive Dialer campaign.

You also have the option of creating a search profile in order to create a new list from existing contacts. To see more about how to manage contacts and lists, check out these helpful articles.

Predictive Dialing

Once you’ve created a contact list, you’ll need to create a campaign that calls out to that list. If you still have the Voicent Web Application open, click Campaigns and select the Predictive Dialer option. This will start the Predictive Dialer Campaign wizard. Make sure to select the contact list we’ve created earlier. After selecting the list we created earlier, you can select All Agents and then 1 line for the other options.

After the Campaign starts, you’ll notice that there’s a message stating that the campaign will not start until an Agent has logged in. Let’s move onto the next step where we see how to connect an Agent to the Voicent App.

(To learn more about the different options encountered during the Predictive Dialer Campaign wizard, read this helpful article.)

Connecting Agents to the Voicent App

When connecting an agent to a Voicent App, there’s 3 different situations to consider. For all three situations you’ll want to go through the Connection Wizard that appears when opening the Voicent App for the first time. The wizard will prompt for the location of the Voicent App, and give you three distinct options. Depending on which option you choose, you’ll need to acquire some different information.

  • This Computer: No Information Needed, the Agent Dashboard will connect automatically.
  • Networked Locally: Local IP Address Needed
  • Connect over the Internet: External IP Address Needed

After supplying the wizard with the information listed above, the next step will be providing the Dashboard with the a login. After logging in, the campaign we created will earlier will start (unless a user on the server machine stops the campaign). For more information on how to setup the Agent Dashboard, check out this Agent Dashboard setup article.

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