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Advanced Search

The following video shows you how to use the Advanced Search functionality within Voicent software, allowing you to create Dynamic call lists, and extract valuable customer data.

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Agent Screen Popup for 3rd Party CRM systems

When our predictive dialer or auto dialer connects an outbound call to an agent Voicent will popup a CRM page to let the agent know who they are talking to, as well as give the agent additional CRM information and … Continue reading

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Creating Custom Web Forms

Being able to create a web form is a crucial part of the sales and marketing process. By having a web form available on your site, you’re giving your organization the ability to generate leads without lifting a finger! Generating … Continue reading

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Creating Landing URLs

A Landing URL doesn’t sound like much, but it can have a huge impact on your business and how you manage leads. A landing URL provides tracking capabilities across your website for your leads and customers so that you see … Continue reading

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Creating Web Forms

Website Forms are the standard for collecting information about a lead or customer. What isn’t standard is how useful the information becomes when it’s entered through the Voicent Web Form. Using Voicent’s web form, you can immediately capture the results … Continue reading

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Follow Up Call

The following video goes through how to set a follow up call with a lead, allowing your Agents to stay on top of their sales conversions and maximize scheduling efficiency.

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Manage Contacts Using Voicent CRM

Voicent software relies on Voicent CRM to manage data, such as contacts, contact lists, call history, and sales potentials. You can generate a campaign call list from the CRM, with specific criteria. For example, your call list can be anyone … Continue reading

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