Voicent PBX: Agent Presence

With the Agent Presence feature included in Voicent PBX software, agens can view who's available to take a call transfer, who's busy, and who's currently inactive. Voicent's Call Center Manager software helps you track agents through presence reports and productivity reports.

Visual Display

To view the visual list of agent presence statuses, simply click the Call Transfer button. A popup screen will appear with the list of agents along with their statuses.

Log In For Active Status

For an agent to be active, all they have to do is log in to their account on the Agent Dashboard™. Agent accounts can be created in the Voicent Setup page by an administrator or by a manager who has access to the settings.

Busy Status

An agent whose line is currently connected to a caller will have a busy status when shown in the visual display.

Forward to Busy Agent

Even if the agent status reads Busy, calls can still be forwarded to the agent by simply selecting the agent in the visual display popup box and clicking the Forward button. The transferred call will be put in the agent's call queue and will hear music on hold until the busy agent picks up.

Active Status

Active status means calls can be transferred/forwarded to the agent for fast pickup. Calls can be in the agent's queue for the agent's status to be active, as long as the agent does not have a call currently active.

Inactive Status

If an agent has the status Inactive, then the agent is currently not logged into the Agent Dashboard™. Calls forwarded to this agent will most likely be forwarded to voicemail if a timeout is set, unless the agents logs in to pick up the call.

Agent Presence Reports

To get reports on how often agents are Active, Busy, or Inactive, you'll need the Call Center Manager software, which integrates seamlessly with Voicent PBX software.

Agent Productivity Reports

Agent productivity reports can be viewed in real-time with Call Center Manager software, and historically with the built-in CRM reports.

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Voicent PBX: Agent Presence