Voicemail to Email

Get instant notifications about new voicemail through email with Voicent Flex PBX. Voicent offers easy email server integration tools that help you and your agents set up voicemail to email in a few simple steps.

Email Server Integration

Every agent or department with their own extension can select email addresses of their choice to receive voicemail messages. Setting up Voicent Flex PBX to work with an email server is quick and simple from the Voicent Email Server setup tab.

Voicemails as Attachment

All email notifications about voicemail include the voicemail as an attachment as an audio file. Agents can save these voicemails to a folder on their desktop with the click of the mouse; plus, reviewing voicemail as separate audio files gives your agents more options to pause, stop, and replay.

Instant Email Notifications

With Voicent's PBX email server integration feature, email notifications will be send instantly to the specified email addresses.

Multiple Email Servers

Hook up multiple email servers to send email notifications to POP or POP3 mail (Eudora, Outlook Express, Pegasus Mail) and IMAP.

Voicemail CRM Information

Emails include the CRM information of the caller who left the message, including the phone number, the date and time, and duration of the message.

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Voicemail to Email