Agent Dashboard™: Park and Unpark Calls

Parking calls is easy with Voicent PBX and the Agent Dashboard™ extension. Agents can park and unpark calls from anywhere as long as they have the Agent Dashboard™ on their computer. Calls won't be lost and you can keep an unlimited number of parked calls simultaneously on one extension.

Visual Park Calls Display

Parked calls are displayed in the call queue with the "Parked" category next to the caller ID. Agents can view these parked calls on the Agent Dashboard™ from any computer.

Park Unlimited Calls

Voicent PBX doesn't put limits on the number of parked calls your business phone can have simultaneously. Extensions can have unlimited parked calls at the same time, and they will be displayed on the call queue.

Music for Parked Calls

Callers whose calls have been parked will hear music on hold automatically, so they know when their calls are reconnected to agents.

Click to Unpark

Unparking calls is easy and takes only a click of the mouse. Agents no longer have to dial a certain extension to unpark a call--they can simply select the call in the queue and click the unpark button on the Agent Dashboard™.

Unpark Anywhere

Calls can be unparked and parked anywhere, so agents can park a call as they are heading out of the office and resume the conversation at home simply by logging back into the Agent Dashboard™.

View Parked Calls Anywhere

Any agents using the same extension or in the same department can view the parked calls and click them to unpark.