Agent Dashboard™: How to Flip Calls

There are always times an important call happens at an inconvenient moment for an agent. Instead of hanging up or scheduling a call back date with an important caller, agents can flip calls to any phone instantly for better mobility and communication. Especially handy in today's world where everyone uses multiple devices and are constantly moving around, Voicent PBX's call flip feature can boost your company's professionalism and efficiency.

Flip to Mobile Phone

Flipping calls to your mobile phone can be done with a few simple clicks through the Agent Dashboard™ and no setup required. Simply forward the call to your mobile phone and you can resume the phone conversation wherever you go.

Flip to Any Computer

If you're on the Agent Dashboard™ at work, all you have to do flip the call to the Agent Dashboard™ at your computer at home is park the call. It will stay in your queue and will be waiting for you to pick whenever you log back into the Agent Dashboard™.

Click to Flip

To flip calls, you don't need to dial * and a special code. All you need to do is transfer the call the same way you forward a call, except to a phone you'll be picking up instead of another agent.

Flip Conference Calls

If you're on a conference call, you don't have to hang up and call back in to join if you need to be on the move. Instead, simply flip the conference call to your cell phone and continue speaking with clients--some might not even notice you're on a different device.