Flex PBX Feature Overview

About Voicent Flex PBX

Voicent Flex PBX software is a virtual phone system that delivers professional, high quality experiences for your callers and hands-free call handling for your agents. Features include auto attendant, screened-call forwarding, call queuing, music on hold, personalized greetings, flexible extensions and voice-mail boxes, multi-lingual voice prompts, and much more.

Flex PBX enables both small and large businesses to have a complete phone system to increase their credibility and the confidence of clients and prospective clients. The system handles incoming calls 24/7, including holidays. It can play different phone menus and greetings based on time of day, caller ID, weekends, and holidays.

Flex PBX requires no special hardware or lengthy setup. All you need is your PC and Internet connection.

Feature List Overview

  • Use hosted PBX or on-premise PBX
  • Works anywhere with internet connection
  • Easy-to-use point and click PBX design
  • Single click PBX deployment
  • Use VOIP extensions and physical extensions
  • Use extension groups
  • Transfer call to an extension or an extension group/department
  • Access voicemail by phone or from desktop PC
  • Send voicemails to email
  • Easy auto attendant (virtual receptionist) setup
  • Unlimited auto attendants
  • Visual display of calls in the queue
  • Answer, Hold, Forward, Park and un-park calls
  • Unlimited extensions, groups, and departments
  • Database integration, web integration, email integration, IVR Studio integration
  • Scale up call volume handling with more phone lines
  • Almost never full voicemail box
  • Advanced call-flow control using Voicent IVR Studio
  • Use Text-to-Speech to automatically read text and dynamically generate voice
  • Voicent IVR Studio Included
  • Voicent Text-to-Speech Plug-In Included

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What is Flex PBX?