Agent Dashboard™: Dynamic Call Scripts

While your business PBX phone uses a script for the auto attendant that callers first hear, what about your agents? With most PBX systems, agents will be left on their own to handle callers once the Auto Attendant has routed the call to the agent. But with Voicent PBX, your agents will have an extra boost with dynamic call scripts that can display automatically when calls are connected.

Use CRM Information

Call scripts don't have to be boring, generic sentences. With Voicent's built-in CRM and PBX software, your agents can incorporate personalized information into their conversations with callers.

Support Scripts

To get new staff trained quickly and efficiently while helping callers, the Agent Dashboard™ can display scripts designed for giving quick answers to commonly asked questions.

Sales Scripts

The Agent Dashboard™ even works with outbound calls (predictive dialing, preview dialing, progressive dialing, and manual dialing), and can display different sales scripts for agents making outbound calls.

Scripts Based on Category

The Agent Dashboard™ can read the sales cycle category that callers are in and base the call script off that. From qualified lead to returning customer, the Agent Dashboard™ can display the script that fits the caller's category.

Scripts Based on Auto Attendant

The menu option and department that the caller chooses at the intial Auto Attendant menu can decide what script to use for the call. Agents won't have to manually select the right script to use or risk starting off on the wrong one.