Agent Dashboard™: Forwarding Calls

Calls can be forwarded with a click of a button from one Agent Dashboard to another, instantly. Both active calls and calls in queue can be forwarded to any agent and to any number.

Select Calls in Queue to Forward

With the CRM popup screen, an agent can view which agents the caller has spoken to before and notes about the caller. Agents can forward these calls in queue to the extension of the agent they've spoken to before.

Transfer Active Calls

When speaking to a caller, agents can transfer these live calls to another agent or department on the call. Calls can be transferred immediately, or can be put on hold first and then transferred.

Forward After Timeout

Calls can be automatically forwarded after a certain time to another agent, voicemail, or an Auto Attendant to make sure callers are not stuck in queue forever.

Automatic Forwarding

Agents can set up automatic extension forwarding to the same number, so they can receive calls on their cellphone wherever they while still being connected to the office phone.

Forward Calls to One Number

Voicent Auto Attendant can forward routed calls to the same number. On the Agent Dashboard, incoming calls in the call queue contain the caller's Auto Attendant category that they chose, so agents can answer their calls accordingly.