Call Queues

With unlimited call queues, you can ensure that your business PBX phone system never gets overwhelmed with calls. Voicent Flex PBX call queue is a full-featured ACD queue: calls will be routed to the correct department, and to agents that will give callers the least amount of waiting time.

Any Call Volume

Voicent Flex PBX offers robust ACD queue features, so your business can handle any call volume at any time of the day. Our software is incredibly scalable, and you can add up to thousands of phone lines to take incoming calls.

See Busy Lines in Advance

While some vendors will dial all extensions in your business directory until an available line is reached, Voicent's ACD call queues can see which lines are in use in advance. Decrease caller wait times significantly with Voicent Flex PBX software.

Built-in Algorithm

Voicent Flex PBX comes with a built-in algorithm that calculates the lowest waiting time for calls in queue, eliminating the need for guesswork in transferring and forwarding calls.

Send Calls to Available Agents

If one agent becomes too busy, that agent can send calls that have been waiting in their queue for too long to other agents who are currently available. To forward calls to available agents, simply select the call waiting in the queue and click the transfer button; a popup window with the currently active agents and their statuses (Busy, Available) appears so you can ensure callers get to an available agent.

Send Calls to Voicemail

If there are too many callers, additional calls and requests to a specific department may be sent to voicemail. Automatically sending additional calls to voicemail after a certain number of calls are in the queue works well especially when no other agents are available.

PBX Feature Tour: Receiving Calls

Call Queues