Monthly Archives: January 2008

Launch autodialer by calling from home

I want to be able to call in from home and record a message. Then send it to different people that has been programmed. You have two choices: 1. Use inbound IVR application to launch BroadcastByPhone by telephone This allows … Continue reading

Autodialer causes blue screen

After 4 or 5 calls my computer shuts down and I get the following message: “problem detected Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. Driver_IRQ_not_less_or_equal.” At this point I must turn off my computer by pushing … Continue reading

Auto dialer command line export call status

We were wondering if there was a way to export a Voicent log from the command line (after a call sequence is completed) to a plain-text file such as a CSV. What we are trying to do is run Voicent … Continue reading