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Gateway cannot find call record

Question: I am testing the Vocient Gateway. I got callreqHandler.jsp working and it dials the number. But when I post to callstatusHandler.jsp with the reqId, I get the following error: “ERROR: gateway cannot find call record: null” but I am … Continue reading

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Beta Release 4.0.1

Okay, it’s here. In this release, call transfer functionality is added to all Professional edition products. When a person receives a call from AutoReminder or Broadcast, he or she can press a key for talking to a live human. You … Continue reading

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Customize HTML webpage for Appointment Reminder

Question: Can I make my own webpage in HTML and have my own HTML form add appointments to the AutoReminder list? If so, is there a way of sending the wave file that I want played through this webpage? Additionally, … Continue reading

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