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Keep Skype from popping up

skype pops up everytime a new call is made. Is there a way to keep skype from popping up? Voicent programs, such as Broadcast by Phone Autodialer and Predictive Dialer, invoke Skype through Skype API. However, there is no option … Continue reading

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Setup autodialer opt out feature

With Voicent Broadcast by Phone autodialer, setting up opt out is really easy. Here are the steps: 1. Open Message Designer and proceed to add a new message or edit an old message 2. Select “Live Pickup” for the message … Continue reading

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Improvement in Autodialer Do Not Call scrubbing

The speed of Do Not Call list scrubbing is dramatically improved in release 6.2.2. For example, to scrub 10,000 phone numbers against one area code DNC file, the previous time required is a few hours. With the improved version, the … Continue reading

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