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General Autodialer or Predictive Dialer Presale Questions

I have a couple of questions about your product before I make the purchase. We are interested in the Professional Edition and Have Windows XP Professional. I am not sure how much memory my computer has, I looked in the … Continue reading

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Autodialer command line import two files

I have written a simple batch file which I schedule so that calls are made at a specific time from a file that is imported. I use this because the imported file is created by another system and then ftp’d … Continue reading

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Enterprise Edition Predictive Dialer Setup

How do you get the 2 agent dialer (seperate machines) gateways to interact? So that, you can use the same database on just 1 machine (in predictive dialer software)… Currently each machine has line 1 and 2… How do the … Continue reading

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