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Use Auto Dialer With Analog Phone Line

In order for a computer to make a phone call to an analog phone line, a device is required to connect the computer and the phone line. In the old days, Voicent used a voice modem that was installed on … Continue reading

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Using Windows Task Scheduler to launch BroadcastByPhone Enterprise.

BroadcastByPhone Enterprise can be launched using Windows Task Scheduler. Here is how it is done: First open Windows Task Scheduler. You can find it in the start menu. Select Accessories, then System Tools. Next select: Create Basic Task from the … Continue reading

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Command line to call using CSV file

I would like to know how to use the command line to do the following scenario: Call a list of customers from a cvs file which contain Name (TTS will read the name), Phone , TV Model (TTS will read), … Continue reading

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