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Use dialer with Cisco Call Manager

Can we use BroadcastByPhone with a Cisco CallManager system? Yes, you could. Here are the information we found on cisco’s website. It is referring configuring a softphone. For Voicent, the settings should be the same. Each line configured in Voicent … Continue reading

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Setup VOIP Call Transfer

How do i set up Call Transfer Using Call Centric Voicent Gateway has two call transfer mode (gateway > Setup > Options > Call Transfer): Transfer to another phone number Simply enter the phone number you want the call to … Continue reading

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Message cutoff

message stops short after playing just a few words Please select Help > Troubleshooting… from the program main menu, and take a look at topics related to “message cutoff”. Basically, you need to check: 1. phone line quality 2. phone … Continue reading

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