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Is cold calling dead? Over 70% say no

“Do you find true cold-calling (on the phone, not email) works in 2023″? According to a recent survey by saastr, most respondents answer with no. Here are the breakdowns: Yes, cold phone calling works: 41% Works a little, but not … Continue reading

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Courts strikes down FCC’s new definition of autodialers

A circuit court of appeals in Washington struck down the FCC’s expansion of the definition of an autodialer, which could include smart phones, as over-reaching and unreasonable. The court rejected the assertion that any dialing equipment or device that could … Continue reading

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Top Sales Objections, and How to Overcome Them

When making a sale, there’s often a point when the lead will have a major objection to moving forward because of one reason or another. In this article we’ll go over three of the biggest objections to sales and how … Continue reading

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