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Automatic appointment call using oracle

I need to create an application that will contact patients and voice to them appointment times. In essence, this is a robo call. The application will be run on a windows xp or windows 2003 server outfitted with a modem … Continue reading

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Setup call transfer for 24 skype lines

I’m using your BroadcastByPhone with 24 skype lines, I’m trying to use the call transfer. It works fine if I put only a number in Gateway->Option->Call Transfer, but If I try to put a second number, it is always ignored. … Continue reading

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Disable modem to try Skype

I have 2 problems and i’m not sure if one has to do with the other.. voicent is not running through skype, it is still running through my modem. I tried unpluging my voice modem and voicent thinks the line … Continue reading

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