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Emergency alert by pager and phone

As a company provides real-time information service for emergency or fire alert by pager, we look for a solution to inform our customer, in case that the page wireless network is temporary not available. With your product BroadcastByPhone, we think … Continue reading

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Make follow up call from C# program

I have a scenario where, using the Voicent Gateway, if the first number called has no reply or the answering machine picks up, I need to have a message left on the answering machine and also then calls a second … Continue reading

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Modems for 4 Lines

We are considering purchasing your product and looking at your 3025 voice modem with 4 lines. Do we receive 4 individual single line modems or is it a single modem with 4 ports? You will receive 4 modems. So please … Continue reading

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