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Customize HTML webpage for Appointment Reminder


Can I make my own webpage in HTML and have my own HTML form add appointments to the AutoReminder list? If so, is there a way of sending the wave file that I want played through this webpage? Additionally, does the phone call have the ability to only play the wave file and not actually say when the appointment is scheduled for?


1). Yes. You can make your own HTML webpage using the

element and submit your appointment to the AutoReminder handler.

2). You can submit (upload) your wave file to the web server. Today, AutoReminder does not accept uploaded file directly. However, you can create a upload handler in the embedded web server of Voicent Gateway. (This feature will be added in later versions of AutoReminder)

You can find the details of the HTML coding and web server programming on the web. There are plenty of information out there.

3). You can have the AutoReminder play your wave file without the appointment information. You need to use the Message designer to design your message (template), and then use it for your call. You will need to have the professional edition of AutoReminder.

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