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I have the ACOM50X which is an 8 port gsm device with VOIP support, how can I get this working with Voicent software? Setting up VOIP Gateways is extremely simple. From Voicent Software, we will only need to know the … Continue reading

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SPA3102 Common Issues

Below is a list of the common problems with the SPA3102. 401 Unauthorized: The registration options within the SPA3102 admin PSTN tab need to be disabled. 503 Service Unavailable: Improperly wired phone line, phone line with no dial tone, or … Continue reading

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Network Timeout – DNS Server setup

hi, my broadcastbyphone is getting failed to connect to sip, and cSeq too small. Why? If it appears that your network is running too slow for Voicent to successfully contact your SIP service, it may be your DNS server settings … Continue reading

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