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Voicent Broadcast By Phone auto dialer with Vonage

We are interested in your auto-dialer. We will be contracting with Vonage for VoIP service. We have two phone lines on our Charter cable phone account that can make outgoing calls. Neither are dedicated, so they Could have an unscheduled incoming call at the same time with an outgoing call. 1. How does that work?
2. Your system requirements explains that trying to dial 100+ calls at once has to be done with a very upgraded computer service, e.g multiple Intel Xeon processors, etc. Can we stagger the outgoing number of calls by a certain number of minutes so that our computer does not have to be so powerful? 3. We may want a dialing event to be initiated from an alternate outside computer (in case the office is closed or on a weekend). How difficult is this? Thank you for your help.


If you have Vonage VoIP service, all you need is to purchase Voicent auto dialer BroadcastByPhone software and connect with Vonage VoIP account. You do not need dedicated service. If you have two lines, you can use one line to make outbound calls and another to receive incoming call.

You can start with one line system that makes one call at a time. Any Window based PC, a desktop or a laptop will be able to do it. You do not need multiple Intel Xeon processors for a single channel system.

If you want to dial from alternate computers with single software license, you can purchase enterprise edition of the software, where you can initiate calls from multiple computers at the same time, using Voicent Dashboard.

Voicent BroadcastByPhone software is very easy to use. For detailed product information, including product demo, feature listing and pricing, please see

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