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CRM: Your New Assistant

Having a CRM is an extremely beneficial factor of any business management system. It’s more than “all of the customer data” in one place, it’s a way for you to actually get to know them. By using a customer tracking tool, you’re allowing your sales team to assess each and every lead based on the factors most important to your business, whether that’s segment, size, geography, etc. From here, the sales team can start to engage the customer in a more informative way, providing suggestions that will cater to the demands of the customer from the perspective of the goods and services you (or a partner) offers.

There’s more to a CRM than just that, it’s also about measuring the effectiveness of your company’s efforts. If a marketing manager wants to know the effectiveness of a single campaign, they may have to go across several different applications gathering sales data just to put it in an excel sheet to form a table. With a CRM, you centralize the data-collection process so that accessing it later is quick and painless, offering your team more time to act on the results rather than figure out what they are.

Rather than asking yourself if something worked, you should be repeating successful strategies and ditching the rest. Getting answers to critical questions is what drives your business, so make sure you’re using the tools that can provide them.

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