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Call escalation for security alert

I would like to know if your system can support the following scenario,

We have several customers that would like to be notified if we identify an attack on their network,
Each customer has his own escalation path (few escalation points, in case the previous didn’t answer).

The scenario:
1. We identify an attack on a customer
2. Our monitoring system generates an alert, sent to Voicent (using API?)
3. A call is being make to the 1st person on the escalation path, who needs to acknowledge the call
4. 2nd attempt after 2 minutes if no acknowledge received
5. A call to the 2nd person on the escalation path, if no acknowledge received (And so forth)
6. Incident closed after acknowledge is received or we exhausted all escalation path

Yes, it can be implemented easily through our API.

In step 2, when you send a call request to Voicent using the API, you will get a request ID back. In 2 minute, you can check the call status using the request ID. If it is confirmed (for example, someone pressed 1 to confirm), you can close the incident. If not, you can send another call request for the next person to be notified.

You can also design your call message using a dynamically generated message using text-to-speech, or a fixed on using pre-recorded audio file. In addition, you can design confirmation code.

The Voicent system should take care of the rest.

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