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Setting up Government Covid 19 News Update

Hi! Due to the current world wide issue of Covid 19, we are looking for a solution that would allow us to send out updates to our local community regarding service updates, news updates etc to a pre-defined phone number list of cellphones and land lines. We are looking for a cloud based product that SMS and autodialer communications can be sent in one platform. Your products seem to have that ability but seem to be split between a locally installed software and a cloud solution? Any information you can lend me would be awesome!

First of all, the software in our cloud service and on-premise version is exactly the same software. So feature wise there is no difference. The following are the main differences:

The cloud service includes telephone service and SMS service

The cloud is super easy. All you need to do is sign up for a cloud account and start using it.

The on-premise software is installed on your own computer and can be configured to use your own telephone service.

If install and maintain the software is not a main issue for your organization, the cost of phone usage usually determines whether you use the cloud or on-premise. The cloud phone service ranges from $0.04 to $0.015 per minute. So for low call volume, it is much better to go with the cloud service. You save a lot of money by not having to maintain a computer for the software and to add more work for your IT staff.

For high call volume, especially if your current phone service already have the capacity, then it is much cheaper to use our on-premise software. For many organizations, this may not add any more cost to your phone service. The software can be configured to use your current PBX systems.

So what kind of call volume makes sense for the on-premise solution. The calculation is pretty straightforward if not counting your own computer and IT staff cost. For example, if your monthly call volume is 100,000 calls, assuming 1 minute per call, for our cloud service the phone usage cost will be $0.015 x 100,000 = $1,500. If your own phone service cost you half of that to make these calls, then the difference is $750. For many organizations, if they have existing computers and IT staff can main the software, then the saving makes sense. For others, this saving hardly covers the IT staff’s time.

On-premise software offers more control

The on-premise software is installed on your own computer, that means you have 100% control of it. Your data never leaves your organization. For certain regulated industries, this data security is a must.

In addition, if you have to use a lot of API for software integration, then on-premise software is for you. For example, direct access to database using SQL statement is not allowed on the cloud service.



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