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Auto dialer does not need dedicated phone line

do I need a dedicated phone line for this software or not? which means whether I need to connect to a phone line all the time. After the reminder call is scheduled, can I un-plug (disconnect) the phone line from Voicent modem? ’cause the rest of the time I need to use the same phone line to make/receive phone calls

You do not need a dedicated phone line. It can be shared with your regular phone or fax machine.

You also do not need to unplug the phone line. The modem has a PHONE jack which you can use to connect to a regular phone. If the modem is not making phone calls, you can use your regular telephone as usual. On the other hand, if you are using the phone line, and the modem tries to make an outbound call, the system will get a “line occupied” message.

You can also set the allowed outbound call time from Voicent gateway.

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