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Skype limits outbound calls to 50 a day

Hi, I’m a current voicent user and I love the product. Skype is now limiting calls to 50 a day and I need about 100 so I read about adding another skype account and to be used with my autodialer program. After I get a 2nd skype account, how do I incorporate into my voicent program so that I can make 100 calls per day without additional skype charges? Thanks

Yes, it is unfortunate that Skype sets the 50 calls per day limit for its “unlimited calling plan” without providing an alternative. Most people won’t mind to pay them more for an account with higher daily limit. You have 3 choices to deal with this:

Using multiple Skype accounts is a feasible workaround. You have two choices to make it working with Voicent.

1. Switch to a different Skype account manually

After 50 calls, stop Voicent program like BroadcastByPhone and exit. Open Skype window, sign out and then sign in using a different account. Restart Voicent Gateway by clicking the Start/Stop button on the gateway main window. Then open Voicent program and start again.

2. Use “line rotation” feature

“Line rotation” is a feature that is available in the Enterprise Edition. It basically allows you to start as many lines as you wish, with a different Skype account for each line. Then each line will be rotated in to make an outbound call. Once the call is made, the line will be rotated out and the next line will be rotated in. The system maintains the number of active lines to be the same as the number of licensed lines. For more details, please see new Skype fair usage policy.

3. Get rid of Skype and use SIP based VOIP service

Starting from release 7, you do not have to use Skype.

With release 7, you can choose any SIP based VOIP service provider to use with Voicent software. For more details, please see

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