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Increase audio volume in autodialer

My recording sounds VERY loud and smooth when played on the computer, but telephone delivery sounds very quiet and choppy. How do I get volume strength in the delivery?

Unlike computer speaker, voice modem does not have a volume control, so the only way to increase the volume is to increase the volume in the original audio file. You need to increase the recording volume when record your audio message.

You can increase the audio volume of an existing audio file by using a wave file editor, such as Microsoft Sound Recorder. But it is not recommended since increase the volume will increase noise also.

The choppy sound might come from the original audio file or from the telephone line. If your telephone line is not clear, you need to fix your phone line (make sure your phone cord is not too long, no other fax/phone equipment on the same line etc) or have your phone company check it for you. You can use the sample message provided by Voicent to test your phone line. If it is clear, then your phone line is fine.

The telephone system uses a global standard audio compression ratio and are sensitive to certain range of sound frequency. On the other hand, computer speaker might not be sensitive to these frequency. So if you use computer microphone to record your message, the audio recording might be perfect OK for computer speaker but not for playing over the telephone. You can reduce static from your audio file by using a wave file editor (such as Goldwave). But there is a limit how much static or choppy sound can be reduced.

The included Voicent sample message and audio prompts are recorded from a professional recording studio and the recording volume is loud. Please see Audio quality FAQ

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