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Appointment call API

Ok, here is possibly what is happening, I am using the appointment reminder to submit calls to the gateway, some of those calls somewhere around 5% seem to get lost and never updated on the reminder system. So i am looking at the appointment reminder it says I have like 15 pending. Look at the gateway logs and it doesnt appear to have any calls left to make. Is there some API or something I can tap into on the gateway to verify the calls are actually still in the gateway? Or some way to force the appointment reminder software to validate those calls against the gateway again to make sure there still waiting to be processed?

Not sure what is going on by the description. But the following tips should help you find out what is going on:

1. The call record on the gateway is saved as a file. Each reminder call is a file under C:\Program Files\Voicent\Gateway\outcall\reqs

2. When you submit a call to the gateway, it should create a .req file in the above folder. Once a call is made, or failed (too late to call, etc), the file will be renamed .log

3. The call scheduler is under: C:\Program Files\Voicent\Gateway\outcall\logs. You should take a look at the log files to see if there is any error message

4. You could also take a look at all the scheduled calls by selecting Gateway main menu > Operation > Scheduled Calls

5. Make sure the call time is not within the “blocked outbound call time”

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