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Enterprise Edition Autodialer and Windows RDP

Your Enterprise Edition audodialer offers remote access, but it seems I can get the same functionality using Windows Romote Desktop (RDP). What is the difference?

The Enterprise Edition offers true client and server computing, which offers the following advantages:

1. All files are maintained in the local computer. Your call list, audio files, and even result files (call recording files) are all maintained in the local computer. When using Windows RDP, the recorded audio file is saved on the remote (dialing) computer. You cannot click and listen to it because you have to change the audio settings in order for audio to work for the automatic dialer. Please see autodialer audio settings and windows RDP

2. When you have multiple users, under Windows RDP, you either share a single user account or create different user accounts on the remote computer (dialing computer). Either option is not desireable in a corporate environment.

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