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Download and check DNC List

This is exactly how I did the Do Not Call list. I hope you can tell me what I am doing wrong.

I download DNC file from the gov site

Name of file is 2009-6 etc
Type Text document
Location (archive root directory)

Then I unzip it to notepad (It goes there automatically)

Then I save the unzip file to Local Dick [C].

File name donotcall
Save as type Text Documents [“.txt]
Encoding ANSI

I open up Broadcastbyphone program
I Put a list of phone numbers in the phone section
I save the list to My recordings as tel number

I click on List
On the down list I click on Check do not call list

The Do Not Call window comes up
It automatically puts in C:\donotcall File (however it is asking for a folder)
Default area code for 7 digit number

I put in the digit area code I want it to check = 801 ( the list of area codes on the list is three different ones. Could This make a difference?

Then I click the OK

The widow pops up

There is no DNC files under the directory, Click Yes to continue, No to stop

Create a folder, such as C:\dnc, to hold your unzipped DNC list file. Then specify C:\dnc from the check DNC window. You can put any many unzipped DNC list in the folder as you like.

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