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Setup auto dialer on Windows 7

Can someone call me to help me with recording, saving, and using my outgoing voice message? I cannot bring in a wave file recorded on the windows accessory recording app and cannot figure out how else to record. I have downloaded Skype but did not buy a phone number, and I do not have softphone software. Do I need that? If so, what do you recommend (that is free)? Is that required to record the message? Also, is there a way to do more outbound call lists with more than 20 rows/phone numbers? If so, how? Thankis so much. I have a dell computer running windows 7

For Windows 7, the Sound Recorder program seems to remove some features. So it is recommended to use other audio recording software to do the recording. You can use a shareware program called Goldwav to record your audio. For more details, you can take a look at Voicent Audio FAQ. One important requirement for Voicent is that your audio file must be in the format of: PCM 8KHz, 16bit, mono.

On Windows 7, you can configure Voicent to use either Skype or other SIP based VOIP services. You do not need to use both. The instructions for using Skype and other VOIP are listed in the previously mentioned links. It is not required to buy a phone number in order to make a phone call. Without a number for you Skype account, your caller ID display will be some strange numbers like 000000. The skype program you downloaded is a softphone program.

The shareware edition you downloaded has a 20 row limit. For the purchased editions, you can have an unlimited number of rows.

Also, we provide free email support for the current release and paid phone support. We’ll be happy to help you to setup Voicent software through email. But if you do need phone support, you can purchase a per incident support online, fill out the callback request form, after that, our technical support engineer will call you.

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