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Leave voicemail with TTS for names

Looking for a TTS Engine to produce a name.wav for each First, Lastname in our database. A command line tool with quality wav output for leaving messages on voicemail machines

This can be done easily with Voicent software. You do not even need to manually generate .wav files for first and last names. All can be done automatically with Voicent BroadcastByPhone auto dialer. Here are the main steps when you do it manually:

1. Create a call list with name, phone number, and other info. This can be directly imported for copy-pasted from a spreadsheet.
2. Create a message to use using the built-in Message Designer. Specify to use the names column. When a call is made, Voicent software will converts the names to audio using a TTS engine automatically.
3. Select the message and start calling.

There are command line interface to the BroadcastByPhone program. So you should be able to write a script to read the name, phone number from your database and calling Voicent autodialer. For more details, please download the software and take a look at the program Help files. There are also callback functions you can specify when a call is finished. This feature can be used to update your database in real time.

If you want a more tight integration, you can also take a look at Voicent IVR Studio, which is a GUI tool to design more powerful interactive phone applications. There are built-in actions for database access, sending emails, running programs, etc.

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