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Magic Jack and other hardware based phone systems.

I am interested in purchasing an auto dialer, We offer services over the phone which includes Fitness and Travel Etc. I want a software that can be used to call the prospect automatically so we can make more calls in less time. we would like to make at least 300 calls per day. we are also interested in broadcasting. we use majicjack phone system. please let me know if you have a product that can suit my company.

Voicent produces both an Auto Dialer called BroadcastByPhone, and a Predictive Dialer called AgentDialer. The most notable difference between the two of them is that BroadcastByPhone will play a prerecorded message to live answer or answering machine, while AgentDialer will pass all calls connected to a person to a waiting sales agent. Using a single line both are capable of making over 300 calls a day.

Magic Jack as well as other hardware based VoIP calling services require a telephone line to work. This requires a voice modem in order to make it for a PC dialing system. The problem is that the voice modem is a kind of legacy product, most modem manufacturers have decided to stop producing the modems. Though a voice modem still works with Voicent software, it is harder to get a supported voice modem.

The best solution now is to use a VOIP calling service directly. Some very reasonably priced alternatives exist. SkypeConnect is a popular VoIP service owned by Microsoft. SkypeConnect will allow you to make as many calls per day as you like. For more info, please see using VOIP service for Voicent.

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