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Failed to connect to email server

Why does my email broadcasting keep not sending my messages.? This is what it keeps saying:
Failed to send message: Failed to connect to:
Failed to send message: Failed to connect to:
Failed to send message: Failed to connect to:

What am I doing wrong? I am using Internal SMTP server.

The error message means a connection from your computer to the remote email server cannot be established. You can take a look at:

1). Is anything changed on your firewall settings?
2). Is anything changed with your ISP? Do they start to block certain email port, like port 25?

No firewall is fine – I double checked to make sure it can go through. I don’t know about 25, but my email is set at 587 and I use that.

It will send it to myself, but ever other one in the system says the same thing I sent you below.

It looks like your ISP is block port 25. That means NO software can send email directly from your computer using internal SMTP. All SMTP protocol use port 25. That is why the software failed to connect to etc. This is like your telephone service has a block on all 900 number, so no matter what telephone you use, no call to a 900 number will be ever connected.

Port 587 is used for your ISP to let you send/forward email to it’s SMPT server, and then relay your email to other domain. Your ISP SMTP server still use port 25 to relay your emails. But that port 25 is not accessible to you. That explains that email to yourself went through. It went through from a backdoor.

If your ISP does not block port 25, internal SMTP is not going to worrk. There is no setting you can change on the software that will make internal SMTP work. However, the good news is that you should be able to send email using external SMTP. The external SMTP referred here is your ISP’s SMTP server.

When using external SMPT, the email is first sent to that external SMTP server (through port 25 or 587), then your email is forwarded to the destination domain by the external SMTP server.

Okay, if I can still use the external SMTP – how do I set that up?

1). First, you need find out the SMTP host name from your ISP.

If you have Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express working, you can check the setting from these programs to determine you SMTP server settings. Please note, each ISP has its own way of connecting to its SMTP server. When in doubt, call your ISP’s support and ask them how to set up Outlook for outgoing emails.

2). Select Broadcast Configuration… from the program main menu. Uncheck internal SMTP and check external SMTP. Enter the rest of information provided by your ISP.

OK, thanks. That worked.

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