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Call transfer using Vonage

> I recently purchased a modem, and also vonage service to try and make the call transfer feature work on your software with no availe. I need to get this feature to work before we purchase your software.

When i make a phone call on the vonage phone and hit the flash key i get dial tone, so i can transfer the call. When i use the software to try and accoplish the same thing i use transfer the prefix: ! #90, and the suffix: #. When going threw the phone call all i hear is the tone of the dialer dialing the ! #90 # then the tone of the 7 diget number. I never get Dial tone to do the call transfer.

For Vonage, you need to put the call transfer number as 11 digit phone number

I change it to 11 digit number, and it still does not work.

After playing with it a little more, i wanted add a little more.
1. the program uses modem to make the phone call
2. i pick up the phone call on another phone, and pick up the phone tied to the phone out on the modem. So i can hear the conversation on both phones.
3. It plays the trial msg
4. then plays my msg while i hit 1 on the other phone.
5. Plays “Please hold while i transfer you call” msg
6. plays another trial msg.
7. Then i hear it try and dial to transfer, then i hear it dial 11 digit number. (never get dial tone)
8. then i hear it play its last msg.
9. then silence

The only time i can manually hit the flash button is durning step 9. So any time threw out step 7 i hit the flash button manually i never get dial tone.

Is the phone that connects to the Vonage router/adapter digital or analog? The Vonage box supports both digital phone and analog phone. But if you plug in a digital, though you can make phone calls with the phone, it will interfere with the analog modem. Please try to disconnect the phone that is connected to the modem PHONE jack, and any phone equipment (fax machine etc) from the same phone line. Try the software again.

By the way, the steps with trial messages will be eliminated when using none-shareware edition.

I unpluged the phone from the “phone” jack in the modem, and it worked. Thats great, so this phone must be digital, I think we are all set. We should contact you guys shortly and purchase the program.

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