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Setup call transfer for 24 skype lines

I’m using your BroadcastByPhone with 24 skype lines, I’m trying to use the call transfer. It works fine if I put only a number in Gateway->Option->Call Transfer, but If I try to put a second number, it is always ignored. I read in gateway setup that “If there are more than one number, please separate them by comma … One number, in the same order, is selected for each call transfer” , and so I did, but all calls are transferred to the first number, and if it is busy the transfer fails. Both the numbers if used separately receive correctly transfer calls. Can you help me?

The call transfer should work for multiple transfer numbers. However, the problem now is that the transfer is done one a per line basis. So for line 1, it will first transfer to the first number, the next time it will transfer to the second number. Since all 24 lines are doing the same thing, each line will transfer the call to the first number the first time.

The workaround is to set the call transfer to the first number, and setup busy call forwarding on that number (not on Voicent gateway).

Actually, we are currently working on a release that makes major enhancement to the call transfer functionality. The problem mention above will be fixed in the upcoming release.

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