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Windows vista folder virtualization

I cannot save my gateway settings. Everytime I change it, it always come back with the old value when I reopen the gateway. I have been using Voicent on other computers and never have any problem. The only difference is that this is a Windows Vista Computer, and the others are Windows XP computer.

[If you installed release 7.2.3 or later, you normally do not have to worry about the folder virtualization issue. But some saved audio files maybe stored in the virtual store of your user account.]

Windows Vista has a “feature” called folder virtualization, which will be explanined later. To work around the problem, all you need to do is install Voicent programs under a folder that is NOT under C:\Program Files. The following are the steps:

1. Run the Voicent installer, and uninstall all Voicent programs. You should see the Uninstall button under the program name, just click on it to run the uninstall program.

2. Once the program is uninstalled, the button should change to Install. Click to install the program again. Please make sure you select Custom instead of typical. Change the default installation folder from under “C:\Program Files\Voicent” to “C:\Voicent”. For example if you are installing Voicent Gateway, change the default installation path from “C:\Program Files\Voicent\Gateway” to “C:\Voicent\Gateway”

3. Reinstall your license key again

Once you done that, Voicent program should run the same as on Windows XP.

Folder Virtualization

Before Windows Vista, data written to system folders like “C:\Program Files” are shared by different user accounts on the computer. Now this is changed due to the new security restrictions on Vista. For Voicent Gateway, it is run as a system service and it must be run by the SYSTEM account. System services under windows Vista cannot have user interface and cannot communicate with users directly. So Voicent Gateway has a user interface program (the green eyeball) run under the current user. When you change settings of the gateway, it is saved in the gateway configuration file.

The gateway service that is run under the SYSTEM account, however, cannot see the changed configuration file. Because it is “virtualized” – Vista saves the old copy in the virtual store and will always use the old copy for the system service program. The virtual store is usually under C:\Users\{user account}\AppData\local\Virtual Store\Program Files. If you do not see AppData under the user account folder, you may need to change your folder options that will show hidden system folders and files. You may also just search your computer for “AppData” folder.

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