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Set up remote call agent in the Philippines dialing to US to set appointments

I am looking for a dialer solutions: 1) for setting sales appointments for retail insurance clients; calling from and to US, and 2) for having a remote call agent in the Philippines dialing to US to set appointments.

This should be pretty easy to set up with out cloud solution. Our base subscription offers

  1. auto dialer, predictive dialer, progress dialer, preview dialer, and click to call
  2. a built-in CRM to automatically track calls and letting agents to take notes

Make sure to get the optional “inbound call center with phone number”. This will allow your customers to call you. You can choose a dedicated phone number in your preferred area code. If you have a toll free number, you can simply forward all calls to this dedicated phone number.

Agent can work anywhere with internet connection. They can be work in office, at home, or a remote location like in the Philippines. From what we see on our platform, there is not much difference in terms of call quality from different locations. The key is to have a reliable internet connection and good bandwidth.

Agent need to download our soft phone, Voicent Agent Dashboard, to login to our service and be able to talk to customers.

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