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Gateway API for cloud service

Hello! I’ve signed up for a trail of your services, and hoping that it can do what we need. Basically we have our own internal scripts that send us an email when one of our services is down, but we want to have it call us as well. I found this and it looks like we should be able to do this with your solution: I started setting this up but noticed a few things, first this script is trying to call localhost and I don’t have nor want to install any software there. Can I use this script to send through your server? Next I noticed that it wants the recording to be on your server. Can I add a recording through the control panel and call it through the PHP script? Please let us know, any help with this is appreciated.

Yes, you could use the API with our cloud service. Actually the same API can be used for sending text messages also.

Since the service/gateway is not on your premise, you will need to add authentication tokens to the API. For details, please open a support from your cloud account for more details.

If you have a large API volume and the usage is affecting other users on the same server, or if you have other security requirement, we will require you to get a dedicated cloud account. Please note a dedicated cloud account also has many other features.

Regarding audio files

You can upload your audio files to the cloud server and use it as your call message. However, you first need to create a calling message template (ivr app) using Voicent IVR Studio software. Once the ivr app is created, you can then use the call_ivr function to trigger a call.

IVR Studio Tutorial is the best place to start. For your simple app, you do not need to go through the whole thing.

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