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Setup survey app

I’m trying to set up a simple survey app using the shareware version of your gateway; basically I just want to be able to schedule a call, have it ask the recipient a series of questions, and then save the responses to a file or db or the like. My problem is, I can not locate a single example in the developer section of your site that deals with anything more complex than a single question or message. Every example seems to do only one thing, and then hang up.

Can you please direct me to an example that can collect two or more responses from the recipient? I’m just trying for a proof of concept at the moment; once we prove to ourselves that Voicent will support this type of multi-question/multi-response call we’ll likely be purchasing a developer’s subscription as we develop the full product. However, if we can’t confirm this capability we’ll need to look for an alternate solution.

Also, some questions: are the “Voicent Gateway Interface API library” and “Voicent Gateway Client API” available from your site anywhere, or do you only provide them to your subscribers? On your site you refer to the “Voicent Gateway Simple Interface”, in several flavors (C++, C#, Python, etc). Do you have more complex APIs available for your subscribers? I’m having a hard time figuring exactly what Voicent’s capabilities are from your website; sometimes you talk about an API, sometimes the SDK, sometimes the client library…are these all different things? Or are you just talking about the same thing in different contexts?

Any assistance or information appreciated!

It is a little confusing for the developer sections since we have many products and each has its owninterface.

1. For multiple language sample, you can take a look at BroadcastByPhone multiple survey sample from Help > Product Walkthrough… from the program main menu. The sample uses IVR Studio for designing the message and does not require programming at all. IVR Studio is the graphical user interface (GUI) tool for Voicent Gateway.

2. For Voicent Gateway, we have a full tutorial for creating a multiple question survey. For details, please see Outbound call tutorial

3. Voicent Gateway and other Voicent products have web (HTTP) interface, which makes the choice of your programming language irrelevant. Most programming language today has web client library, which can be used to interface with Voicent Gateway. To drive Voicent Gateway for making phone calls and fetching call status, you basically post a HTTP form from your application, the same way you post web forms to a web site. The simple call interface, as the name indicates, is a simple form of the gateway interface. It also shows how to use the HTTP client library for the interface.

4. The developer subscription contains the following:

a) Professional edition of Voicent Gateway (both inbound and outbound)

b) Gateway application simulation tool

Only available to developer members. It makes debugging your application easier. You do not need to call in to test your application.

c) Developer technical support

General Voicent tech support only cover none-developer usage support

d) Gateway client library

Only available to developer members. It makes easier to develop Window based tools like BroadcastByPhone.

e). Gateway library and API

This is the gateway web (HTTP) interface that covers in the tutorial.

I’m sorry, but I’ve studied the “Outbound call tutorial” you reference in your response, and again – this example only asks a single question (“Please rate our service by number 1 to 5″) Do you have anything that demonstrates how to ask MORE than a single question? Also, I see that I can fetch a call status very simply; however, the important data I need to fetch for this application is the call recipient’s DTMF responses, NOT status of the actual phone call.

To ask another question, all you need to do is create another VXML file. Once the first question is answered, forward the call to the next VXML file using the <submit> tag.

To know which key has been pressed, please see the section Know which key has been pressed of the tutorial.

If you tried the BroadcastByPhone Multiple question example, you should be albe to test the multiple question and multiple response application.

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