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Router SIP ALG Issues

Can not get connected to SIP service. Router ports are’ll work by connecting my computer directly into the cable modem, but it will not connect through my router (which i need to use). My other software (security cameras) are set up in ports, open and is working. I have been trying to resolve this for about a week and I really need to get this fixed.

Here is our guide showing which router ports to open.
However from what you have stated, you may be having SIP ALG issues.
Look in your router, most likely in the WAN settings for a SIP ALG toggle.
If it is on, turn it off, then test. If it is off, turn it on, then run a test.
SIP ALG is generally inconsistent from router to router, however it does effect SkypeConnect connections.

It may help if you Google “SIP ALG Your Router Make & Model” for better directions on how to change it.

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