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Open firewall Ports for SIP

When VOIP (SIP based) is used, Voicent Gateway needs to communicate with your VOIP providers by the following SIP ports:

Besides the standard gateway ports (8155, 8165 TCP), the following ports are used by the gateway to make SIP based calls:

Standard SIP port: 5060 TCP/UDP + LineNumber
SIP audio port: 9156 (UDP) + 2 x LineNumber

Where LineNumber is (0, 1, 2, 3, … , max licensed lines – 1). For example, the 2nd line uses 5061 and 9158.

When run Voicent RemoteAgent from a different location, it needs to access Voicent gateway and transferred audio.

Gateway Remote Agent Port: 8455 + LineNumber TCP
Gateway Remote Agent Audio Port: 8455 + LineNumber UDP

The following PDF file shows more details.

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