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BroadcastByPhone Multiple Transfer Numbers

“Hi, how can I use voicent broadcastbyphone to let users press multiple numbers for multiple transfers? thanks”

When using BroadcastByPhone, you may want to give the people you are calling the option to press 1 to transfer to sales or press 2 to transfer to support. One way around this is with our IVR Studio, within IVR Studio you can create a BroadcastByPhone outbound campaign that can give you a ton of more features than was is default in BroadcastByPhone, so, you could transfer to as many numbers as you need.

In addition to having IVR Studio you are given the power to make incredibly smart interactive voice response systems. There is almost no limitation on Voicents IVR Studio.

“I do not know how to use IVR Studio and do not want to purchase it since I do not know how to use it”

If you do not want to create the IVR Studio Outbound BBP Solution yourself, you can email us the specifics of what you want done and we can give you a quote. We have expert developers that know the in’s and out’s of our IVR Studio. In addition to creating it, they could also set it up and deploy it.

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