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Auto Phone Calls

I’m looking for a software package that will do the following:

  • * dial a phone number
  • * loop a sound file (.wav, .mp3, or computer generated voice from text) for a given duration (~ 1 min)
  • * log the time/date of phone call (in an external text file)
  • * trigger from an external program

Other desired features, though not required:

  • * log the success/failure (dial tone verification, message machine or pick-up)
  • * send flag to another program or save to file operation status (call success)
  • * send email (or launch another application that will)

What package(s) would you recommend for my application? What is the cost
for the most basic version?

The software you should use is BroadcastByPhone. But, it will not loop a wave file.

If you are a developer, you can get Voicent Gateway to customize your
application, such as sending emails or triggering another program.

To see what it exactly does, you could download the whole software package

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