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Voice Modem

A voice modem is device capable of playing and recording audio over a telephone line. Modems are originally made for data or fax communications. These modems cannot be used with Voicent software. A voice modem is usually marked as Data/Fax/Voice modem.

Please note that supporting V.90 or V.92 data transmission standards does not imply your modem is voice capable. A good indication of voice capability is the inclusion of voice mail software in the modem package.

If you receive an error message “Fail to detect a voice capable modem” during installation or during Voicent Gateway startup, your computer does not have a voice modem. Without a voice modem, Voicent software cannot continue.

More modem related questions can be found inside Modem FAQ

We only support Voicent 3025 Data/Fax/Voice PCI modem. You can purchase on from Voicent online store. Buy Now

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